What are the rules of Zombie Hunt on Discord?

Zombie Hunt is a game specially created by the team at PG for everyone in the PG family!

Here's how it works:

You kill Zombies, and in return, you win Zombie Meat (ZM) and EXP Points (EXP).

What do you win?


  • You can exchange your ZOMBIE MEAT into coupons to shop at our store https://pacificgrass.co/. You can use the "!exchange" command to view the available coupon options.


  • The EXP Points you win can be used to buy things for the Zombie Hunt Game here on Discord. To view the available items you can buy for the game, use the "!shop" command.

What are the game commands?

  •  !pew - to kill a zombie
  • !hug - to hug a baby zombie fox
  • !about - a brief explanation about the Zombie Hunt Game
  • !help - to view available commands
  • !balance - to check your balance and game stats
  • !exchange - exchange your ZM into a coupon, example: !exchange 1
  • !zombiecoupons - you will be sent a DM of a list of all coupons exchanged here on Zombie Hunt
  • !shop - you can buy things for the game using your EXP Points
  • !reload - if you miss a shot, you will need to use this command to reload!
  • !leaderboard - view the game leaderboard

We have four types of Zombies!


  • Reward: 1 ZM / 1 EXP 
  • Chance of Spawn: Regular
  • About this Zombie: The Regular Zombie can get shot by unlimited hunters, and each hunter can only shoot once. It stays alive for 420 seconds before it dies and randomly picks one player who shot him.


  • Reward: 0.25 ZM / 0.25 EXP 
  • Chance of Spawn: High
  • About this Zombie: The Zombie Fox is simple and fast! First to shoot, first to kill. Only one winner.


  • Reward: 0.5 ZM / 0.5 EXP (Per Shot) 
  • Chance of Spawn: Regular
  • About this Zombie: For the Zombie Bear to die, it has to get shot twice. The first two shots will kill the bear. The same hunter can shoot him twice. In that case, the hunter will take all the rewards. If two hunter shots the Zombie Bear, they will share the prize, 0.5 ZM / 0.5 EXP (each).


  • Reward: At least 3 ZM / 3 EXP 
  • Chance of Spawn: Low
  • About this Zombie: The ape gets stronger with every shot! Tag all your friends when he appears! Each hunter can only shoot him once, and after ten shots, the reward will increase by 0.5 ZM / 0.5 EXP for every new shot. The Zombie Ape will die after 420 seconds, and only one hunter will be randomly chosen as the winner. The winner takes all the meat and points!


  • Reward: 0.25 ZM / 0.25 EXP 
  • Chance of Spawn: High
  • About this Zombie: You can't !pew them. You have to !hug them. Incorrect pews will make you lose ZM/EXP! First hug, gets the prize