How do I refer a friend?

In order for the refer-a-friend discount to apply, the following must be done:

  1. Your friend must use your referral link, or apply your referral code. You can find both here:
  2. For the person being referred, it must be their first order.
  3. Once the order is shipped, the person who has referred a friend will see the referral bonus in their points balance.

For example:

  1. Lynn refers Bobby, who has never placed an order with Pacific Grass.
  2. Bobby applies Lynn's referral code to his first order, and receives $50 off his first order.
  3. Once Bobby's order is shipped, Lynn see's her $50 bonus in her points balance. 

You will not be able to apply the referral bonus if:

  • The friend you are referring has already placed an order
  • You cannot refer a friend if you have not placed at least one order
  • You cannot refer yourself. Any duplicate accounts will not be tolerated and will be banned.

In any case where you do not see a referral bonus applied when it should, please contact us with the email associated with your account, and the email of the person you are referring or their order number.