Will my payment be auto-deposited?

Payments will not always be auto-deposit. This may change intermittently however you will always know on the payments page once you complete your order. A general guide to follow is when you enter our email for the e-transfer, if you are not prompted for a security question, it will be auto-deposited.

For payments that are auto-deposited, you will NOT need to enter a security question and answer. You will only need to include your order number in the EMT message. Do NOT include any other message relating to cannabis. For any additional notes, please leave this in your order notes, or contact someone on our team via live chat or Discord.

Rest assured that all payments are securely accepted and this change is in efforts to help serve our clients better. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via our live chat or via email at support@pacificgrass.co.

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