Website Update: New PG Club

We are thrilled to announce the PG Club!

The PG Club will be your old "My Account" page, and it is now a hub where you can see information about your account and have unique benefits such as discounts, coupons, gifts, and deals! So if you already have an account, you are already part of the PG Club! If you don't have one, it is as easy as creating an account.

We already have two new features live on the site:

PG Club Deals -

Here you will find daily deals ranging from 10%-30% off!

It is different from the daily deals we used to have because now there will be at least 20 products on the page, and the discount will go up to 30% off

For more information about PG Club deals, click here.

PG Club Gift -

Unlock a special gift when you place one order every month for three consecutive months! And trust us, this will be a fantastic gift!

Other updates are coming, and we will keep you guys posted!